When I came out to LA for the audition, I kept overhearing people say “Oh, he’s classically trained, classically trained,” and I thought “I don’t know what that means.” All leading up to my audition, I was freaking out, I was thinking “Shit, I have to be classy.”

Tom Mison at the Brave New Warriors panel SDCC 2014 (via luckyfilbert)

Tom Mison | Entertainment Weekly: Brave New Warriors @ SDCC 2014.

We are in the same scene, the same place at different times in the story. I enjoyed her company on set, she came in with a great attitude. It’s hard to come into a movie halfway through and be open to listening to ideas and sharing thoughts fearlessly. I thought she did exactly that. She definitely adds a piece to the puzzle.

Brenton Thwaites on Taylor (x)

I know you
I walked with you once upon a dream

Brenton Thwaites and Jeff Bridges | Comic-Con 2014

Brenton Thwaites | Entertainment Weekly: Brave New Warriors @ SDCC 2014.
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